Impeachment – War Crimes Tribunal – Let it go

I certainly don’t claim to be a politically savvy person, in fact I’ve spent most of my adult life avoiding the whole business. I always referred to myself as “apolitical”. The last few years have pulled me in, however. I couldn’t help but notice that impeaching Clinton for that silly business with Monica, while allowing Bush to get away with serious breaches of anyone’s moral code, is pretty weird. Then along comes Obama, who for the first time ever, strikes me as a sincere and serious individual running for President. (I was a little young to remember Kennedy, but I think he had that effect on his listeners). I began to get very optimistic. Maybe Barak will do what he says with the health care system. I don’t know if he’s promised to end the war, but maybe, I thought, he’ll do that too. In a couple of short years, he could turn the USA back into a great country. Then I read PhysioProf’s wonderful post on the subject of presidents and came back down to earth.

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One Comment on “Impeachment – War Crimes Tribunal – Let it go”

  1. PhysioProf Says:

    Thaks for the link, holmes!

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