Is Sulu cool, or what?

Seeing George Takei in the news yesterday made me happy. The original Star Trek and its reruns was such a big part of my life, that still today anything related makes me happy, not to mention how pleased I am with recent developments in the States concerning civil unions.

In these years I’ve enjoyed the controversy about same-gender marriage, often thinking of it as one of the clear dividing issues between conservatives and liberals. Apparently this time around it’s not supposed to be such a dividing issue, at least that’s what I read somewhere.

Yesterday, a blog I just love, Feministe, ran the heartwarming story of Phyllis Lyon and Del Martin, lesbian activists who have been together practically their whole lives. Although the article contains an old pic, which has been around the internet and back again, if ever there were a picture worth a thousand words this is it.

Wikipedia gives a nice map of the situation in Europe. The Netherlands was first, surprisingly as recently as 2001 (is that possible?).

Here’s a clip of the ever-youthful George to enjoy

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