Long live Jack Reacher

When it comes to escape reading, for me there’s nothing like the Jack Reacher novels written by Lee Child.

Lee Child has written 12 Jack Reacher thrillers now. I’m just finishing the 11th called Bad Luck and Trouble. To say Jack Reacher is a character larger than life would be an understatement. At one point in the novel, after having reunited with what was left of his former unit to investigate the murder of one of their own, they were engaged in trying to guess the dead guy’s computer pass word. After eleven unsuccessful attempts, with only one chance left, one of them said,

“(Koufax) Should have been your first, out of this list. Franz related to icons, gods, people he admired, performances he idolized….Baseball is a metaphor,” O’Donnell said. “An ace pitcher like Sandy Koufax, a man of great integrity, all alone on the mound, the World Series, stakes high, that’s how Franz wanted to see himself. He probably wouldn’t have articulated it exactly that way, but I can tell you his password would have to be a worthy repository for his devotion. And it would be expressed in a brusque, masculine fashion,…”

Of course the password turned out to be Reacher.

I don’t know about the other millions of readers, but I think what I like is the vicarious pleasure I derive, especially from the violence.

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2 Comments on “Long live Jack Reacher”

  1. Andrew Keogh Says:

    I’ll resist the temptation to drone on about the crime novel I’m just buffing and polishing editingwise. Blogrolled you btw!

  2. mikeb302000 Says:

    Andrew, Thanks for the blogroll listing. I’ll look forward to reading your book.

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