Mary Tyler Moore

I love everything about Mary Tyler Moore. During my teen years, she made the transition from the Dick Van Dyke Show to the Mary Tyler Moore Show. Looking back on those times I feel such a deep nostalgia, it’s difficult to describe. In this first clip, she sings a number called “True, man, true” with a Bahamian or Jamaican accent. It’s so incredibly cute and dated, recalling a time in our history that was so much simpler, or so it seems in retrospect.

After 1970, her popularity skyrocketed, and with good reason. The talent that went into The Mary Tyler Moore Show was tremendous. The idea behind it was bold and innovative, a thirty-something single woman making it on her own in Minneapolis, and with such class and élan.

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4 Comments on “Mary Tyler Moore”

  1. TV Lover Says:

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  2. B.E. Earl Says:

    MTM was outstanding as the damaged mother in Ordinary People.

  3. dirdir Says:

    This is a MTM music compilation that I just love!

  4. mikeb302000 Says:

    dirdir, Thanks, that is a good one.

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