Wall Street Journal

Who am I to criticize an entity such as the Wall Street Journal? But I can’t help myself. After a lifetime of disregarding politics as a total waste of time, after decades of hearing one phony baloney after another spout transparently insincere nonsense, and concluding that politics is not for me, I found myself caught up in this race. I guess it was the possibility about a year ago of either a black man or a woman in the White House that got my attention. Since then, I’ve enjoyed following the developments, almost becoming passionate myself.

Yesterday I mentioned an article in the Wall Street Journal, which although a month old, depicted their unscrupulous capacity for spinning things beyond recognition. In today’s WSJ, in the Politics & Campaigning section, there are no less than 12 headlines about McCain, including the top one. They contain such positive suggestions as “Seeks Tighter Message” and “Wraps up in Latin America” and “Shakes up Campaign Staff”. Obama on the other hand, was granted only 7, of which two say “Defends his Patriotism” and “Defends Comments on War.” McCain was given twice as much press and a decidedly more positive slant.
Don’t these people have any standards of veracity? Aren’t journalists supposed to be honest? Isn’t that implicit in the job itself of writing? Or am I completely naive to think so?

On the other hand, that long venerated institution of news and fair reporting, Yahoo, had this to say.
McCain Struggles to Regain Footing

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