Mickey Rourke

I’ve been a fan of Mickey Rourke’s since the beginning when I saw him in Body Heat. When I saw Barfly a few years later, I figured this guy was going to be the next superstar. But that didn’t happen.

I’ve heard the rumors and even seen evidence on The Smoking Gun, but does that explain it? This guy should be working like crazy. He’s got the tough-guy character down pat, plus he can act. On his Wikipedia page, his return to professional boxing in 1991 is described as a “personal test” according to Mickey himself. Is that it? He can’t make up his mind what he wants to do.

The Pledge (2001) directed by Sean Penn contains a cameo appearance, just two minutes long, of Mickey Rourke. It may be the greatest single examples of acting I’ve ever seen.

I just had to include this one too.

And two short ones from Barfly:

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One Comment on “Mickey Rourke”

  1. B.E. Earl Says:

    I forgot about that scene in The Pledge, he was great! Strange movie. Nicholson was overshadowed by two smaller roles. Mickey Rourke and a ferocious 5 minutes from Benicio del Toro in the beginning.

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