Michael Jackson

Here’s my Michael Jackson story. In 1984 I was working in West Hollywood in a fancy office building, big shot that I was. Returning from lunch one sunny day, I saw Michael approaching from the other direction, apparently heading for the entrance of the building I worked in. Indeed, he arrived a few seconds before me and preceded me to the elevators. All this while I was nervously preparing what I might say, not wanting to betray the fact that I was impressed with him. In the elevator, I said, “Hey Michael, what’s happening?” He let out a sigh and shyly whispered in his patented way, “Nothin’ much, how bout you?”

My floor came first and once back in the office I told my coworkers. They laughed, one guy said, “You idiot, that wasn’t Michael Jackson. On the seventh floor is a business called Celebrity Look-alikes. Was he all alone? Where were his body guards? You dope.”

This morning I remembered all that because I saw my old friend Michael on the Italian news. Here’s how ET Online describes it.
Here’s what the New York Daily News has to say about it.

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