Those Crazy Polygamists part II

Warren Jeffs is in the news again as the government tightens the noose around his neck.  This article in CNN covers his indictment by a Texas grand jury for Child Sexual Assault.

The records showed that Jeffs “married” three other underage brides — two 12-year-olds and a 14-year-old — at the YFZ Ranch, according to the search warrant. One of the 12-year-olds, believed to have married Jeffs on July 27, 2006, was sexually assaulted by Jeffs later that day, the search warrant said.

The last time I wrote about this case, I mentioned that performing a marriage between a 14 year-old girl and a 19 year-old boy didn’t sound so bad.  In the comments to that post we discussed the dilemma of trying to decide whether this is a case of excessive government intervention in the private lives of citizens or if Jeffs and his gang are really middle aged men abusing young girls and dressing it up as religion. Considering the above quote about Jeffs himself having married 12 year-olds, I’d say I’m leaning towards the latter explanation.

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