Obama’s Trip in retrospect

I like to read different views of the same news story. Often the Right will have a completely different take on something than the Left. Then to get a totally different angle, I sometimes look at Al Jazeera. In this article, they seemed to be a bit concerned with Barack Obama’s support of Israel, but they appreciated his meeting with Palestinian leaders on the West Bank.

Obama’s visit in the West Bank has generated some goodwill, particularly since his Republican rival, John McCain, did not visit the Palestinians during a Middle East trip earlier in the summer.

The Huffington Post has a very humorous article about the over-emphasis on polls lately. Their conclusion:

In about 13 weeks, the only poll that really matters will be taken — among 142 million registered voters, and not 900 people so bored with life they are willing to interrupt their dinner to talk to a pollster.

CNN offers this video with enough stats to make your head spin, no pun intended.

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