Obama’s Birth Certificate

The blog Politics Coast to Coast with the LA. Times, has a good story about the question of citizenship. Naturally in the savagery of a hotly contested presidential race, anything and everything will come up.  Earlier on, apparently, John McCain’s having been born in the Panama Canal Zone was questioned. Throughout the campaign there’ve been a number of attempts to hurt Barack Obama using his unusual ancestry against him.

Fight the Smears has used the simple and minimalist approach. One unusual thing I got a kick out of  is at the bottom of their page.  It says, “Powered by Truth.” Sounds more like some of our conservative friends, doesn’t it?

The conservative blog Texas Darlin are the ones really trying to stir up the dirt. To me it sounds like more desperate straw-clutching by the McCain folks, but it is worrying. This kind of thing could take on a life of its own and do damage.  I only hope I’m not contributing to it.

What’s your opinion? We’d like to know.

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4 Comments on “Obama’s Birth Certificate”

  1. Nomen Nescio Says:

    i suspect it’s reflective of the extreme political polarization in the USA. people split so thoroughly into camps that are instinctively opposed, with so few people “in the middle” or willing to look at the opponents’ arguments, i suspect end up feeling like there should be something obviously wrong with the opposing candidate to rule them out. that way, they won’t have to consider arguments from the hated opposition.

    i hope i’m wrong, though, because i can’t think of any way to alleviate such impractical polarization as that.

  2. Robert Lewis Says:

    Obama’s mother’s original Social Security Number Application


  3. mikeb302000 Says:

    Nomen, I think you’re right. It’s very bizarre.

  4. Bob S. Says:


    I think that both campaigns/parties are doing things like this in order to make the other lies they tell more believable.

    If I say that McCain is a 7 eyed space alien from Zenoba, that is clearly wrong (actualy, I think both him and Obama are snake people from Altair), then any lies questioning competency or ability seem plausible.

    I’m reading a book called American Creation by Richard Ellis, the founding fathers dealt with the same issues and attacks. It’s amazing how little has changed about the human condition on hundreds of years.

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