Neil Diamond – The Marathon Man

The New York Times has an interesting story about pop legend Neil Diamond. Apparently, he’s doing pretty well these days.

Always a strong concert draw, he has been making more money on the road than ever before, grossing $168 million over his last three tours, according to Billboard.

I feel like I grew up with his music, the early hits in the 60s and 70s are imbedded in my brain forever, but at the mention of his name I think of the following unforgettable scene from Pulp Fiction. You know the one. Uma Thurman is so great. John Travolta is at his best during those three scenes in the bathroom: “You see, this is a moral test of one’s self, whether or not you can maintain loyalty, because being loyal is very important.”


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3 Comments on “Neil Diamond – The Marathon Man”

  1. B.E. Earl Says:

    I love that scene.

    You know that version of the song is by Urge Overkill, right? The original is by Neil, though.

  2. mikeb302000 Says:

    Dear Earl, In keeping with the universal practice of maintaining total veracity on the internet, I admit I thought it was Neil Diamond.

    But what a great scene, huh?

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