Robert Chambers – Preppie Killer / Coke Dealer

CNN reports on the latest trouble for Robert Chambers. He was arrested last year for selling cocaine to a police officer, sentencing is this week. Back in 1986, he was practically a household name when he strangled Jennifer Levin in Central Park. His defense was based in part upon the claim that they’d engaged in consensual rough sex and she ended up dead. The autopsy report, however, didn’t lend credibility to the story. According to it, she had bruises and bite marks on her body. But, isn’t that what you get from rough sex? Why hasn’t he killed again? It makes me wonder if perhaps he was telling the truth.

News Chomp has a number of photos of Chambers and his new girlfriend. She doesn’t seem to have any bruises on her neck.

Wikipedia has a very unflattering description of Robert. There’s quite a bit of background, though, which made me wonder even more. As a kid, he couldn’t get along in school. He was thrown out of university for theft. He committed petty crimes and got into drugs and alcohol. Later in prison, same thing, he just couldn’t get along. He actually ended up doing his entire 15-year sentence, for getting in so much trouble on the inside. Once released, he went back to the drugs and alcohol.

To me, he doesn’t seem like a killer. He seems like an addict who’s never learned how to get along in society. What do you do with a guy like that? I don’t know. I don’t have an answer for that any more than I do for my claim that there are too many guns in the society.

Some of my friends accuse me of being too compassionate towards criminals. In this particular case I am compassionate because this guy is an alcoholic and drug addict who is going to do more time now for selling coke and resisting arrest than he did for killing somebody. Let me put it this way. Don’t you think Robert Chambers is in a different category than Michael Rodriguez and George Rivas who made up part of the Texas Seven? I certainly do.

Yet, despite my compassion for Robert, I stand with the family of the slain Jennifer Levin and I applaud their efforts on behalf of victims.

Ellen Levin became an activist for victims’ rights, helping to secure the passage of 13 pieces of legislation

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9 Comments on “Robert Chambers – Preppie Killer / Coke Dealer”

  1. Well, I read the book, The Preppie Murders… back in the days before blogs, I was a big true crime junkie, read everything like that.

    Short version: string him up.

    A bit longer version: Chambers is the kind of guy who starts freaking on women during sex (think: Looking for Mr Goodbar), and if they seem to be too “aggressive” for his tastes, panics and attacks. Serious psychosocial problems with women, coupled with the fact that he was extremely good looking (as Ted Bundy was too)–just a really deadly combination.

    I would never have granted him parole in the first place. He is a dangerous person to have out walking around–dangerous to women.

  2. Bob S. Says:


    I want to take a different tack in the discussion. I realize that none of us will probably ever change our opinions enough for a complete reversal but it has been interesting debating them here. I appreciate Nomen, You and others keeping it civil, open and frankly thought provoking, thanks.

    Here is what I’ve realized; Those that want to ban guns, ban the death penalty have already that choice but it seems that isn’t enough. It seems those that don’t agree with the use of firearms or the death penalty want to prevent anyone and everyone from having that choice.

    Want to ban firearms from your home, your business, your presence; that is easily done. Mark your business with the appropriate signs. Tell your friends, family or visitors that your house is firearm free. An absolute gun ban in place around you.
    Don’t want firearms in the town, village or city you live in; do as you did and move to a place that doesn’t allow them.

    The same applies for the death penalty; don’t vote for it if you are on a jury. Tell the judge and prosecutor that you would not vote for the death penalty regardless of how horrendous the crime.

    Enough people feel like that and then the gun ban is in place, the use of the death penalty is eliminated, right?

    But that isn’t the goal (or at least what appears to be the goal from my view), the gun banners don’t want anyone being able to keep and bear arms. In order to do this, they try to pass laws placing restrictions on who what when where etc; eliminating personal choice in the issue.

    Since our government is a representational democracy, they don’t have to convince each person individually. All they have to do is convince enough legislators to pass the law, elect or appoint enough justices to support the laws – often in defiance of the previous law. A case in point is American Georgia; the legislative branch passed a law allowing concealed carry in the unsecured portion of airports. The law is clearly appropriate, within their authority and constitutional. A judge recently denied the preliminary injunction– with no basis of law that I can see. Just that he felt that it was the right thing to do.

    I would never consider forcing someone to vote for the death penalty if they were against it. Likewise, while I support the right of everyone to keep and bear arms, I would never force someone to carry against their will.

    So why can’t it be the other way around?
    Let the individual choose for themselves, isn’t that what liberty and freedom is about?

  3. mikeb302000 Says:

    Daisy, Thanks for your comment. Maybe I’d agree with you if I’d read the book. For now, I’ll take you word for it. A guy who hates women and takes it out on them during sex, is bad news, no question. I’m still wondering why he hasn’t done it before or since prison. Maybe in his biography the author sheds some light on that.

  4. mikeb302000 Says:

    Bob, As always, I enjoy what you have to say. I’m considering moving my argument from the theoretical to the practical. In that case we’ll really have something to discuss. For now though, I can’t quite bring myself to talk legislation; my dislike of the government won’t allow it.

  5. Bob S. Says:


    While you are thinking of changing, here is a little background piece on what some gun owners have to put up with.

    Thanks for pulling my other comments out of the filters by the way.

    I enjoy the conversation we are having. Keep up the great posts.

  6. mikeb302000 Says:

    That’s a great story over at Coltcco. That’s not only abuse of power, that’s just plain stupidity on the part of those cops. It’s like at the airport when you see a security person practically strip searching someone who’s blond and 20 years old. I guess the guards can’t do racial stereotyping and have to thoroughly search a certain number of people per day; they’re not required to use common sense about how likely the person is to be a threat.

  7. Joanne Says:

    He is going back where he belongs, Robert Chambers can not be civilived or socialized appartently??
    He should get some rehab for his addictions while in prison though, seems he just can’t conform*
    Still thinking of you Jennifer, R.I.P. sweetie~

  8. mikeb302000 Says:

    Joanne, Thanks for the comment. You might like some of the discussions we’ve had on the Blogspot blog. It keeps getting around to guns and capital punishment, when we’re not talking politics.


    The Ghost of Christmas Past is present. Anyone who can read should understand this comment if you can’t then maybe you are an ignorant left wing liberal who feel that everyone should be hugged until they defecate on your doorstep.

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