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Miami shooting

January 26, 2009

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July 1, 2008

I’m all for resisting the oppressive government.  I find the argument extremely attractive in which we’re supposed to be armed within the sovereignty of our homes in case the government thugs kick the door in to take us away. I know it’s happened even in recent times.  The other day I read a gun advocate’s description of how the Nazi stormtroopers, if they’d been blown away at the first Jewish door they’d kicked in, would have thought twice about kicking in the second.  The entire holocaust could have been avoided if the Jewish families of 1930s Germany had been properly armed.  In my own generation I grew up with government resistance; it’s in my blood.  But, I’m just not convinced owning a gun is the answer.  Since the Supreme Court made their famous ruling the other day, there’s been a lot written pro and con about guns.  But this article in CNN really put the clincher on it for me. I’ve always had a vague notion that it’s the proliferation of handguns that’s the problem.  Producing legal ones for law-abiding citizens who have to get licenses, feeds the illegal market.  But, now considering that such a high number of suicides results from these legal handguns and that the rate of success in committing suicide by gun is so high, I’m more convinced than ever. Guns are not the solution; guns are the problem. And when we start talking about assault weapons, it’s just a no-brainer.  I say the fewer the better.

Over at A Field Negro, there was a wonderful post just the other day about this.