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Miami shooting

January 26, 2009

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8-Year-Old Dead in Uzi Accident

October 30, 2008 story.

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School Shooting in Arkansas

October 27, 2008

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More about Guns

August 8, 2008

I’ve written about guns before, here and here. Plus, in the comments of this post, which wasn’t specifically about guns, there developed a great debate about them.

My frequent commenter Bob S. left a request on my About Page. Here’s the gist of it:

Something you’ve said a couple of times has stuck with me

“I just go by what seems to make sense to me.
What I’m going by is just common sense as I see it. What makes sense to me is fewer guns means fewer shootings.”

I’m not trying to start a fight, far from it. I’ve heard this on other sites also. My problem is that I’m on the other side. I can’t see many common sense arguments against having firearms.

I was wondering if you could help me out by discussing, either in email or on a post, where common sense would say it’s not preferable to have firearms.

I can think of a couple; immature young people, felons convicted of violent crimes, felons in jail, certain courtroom situations (divorce court, criminal proceedings).

So, if you are willing, where else does common sense say it isn’t appropriate to have a firearm?

Well, Bob, how about alcoholics. Sober alcoholics in recovery, let’s say, who decide to take a drink. Should they have easy access to guns? I say no. That goes even more for alcoholics who are not sober. People who abuse drugs in any form, the same. Depressed people, who might from time to time consider suicide, should not have guns. Those prone to road rage or who lose control of their anger at home with the wife or girlfriend. Children. You might want to say, who would give guns to kids? I’m talking about the kids who steal daddy’s or big brother’s gun and take it to school. It’s on the news every once in a while. You may have seen it. What about the men who are insecure and have the inferiority complex that only a gun can cure? Perhaps you know the type. Although they may not represent an immediate threat like some of the other groups I mentioned, I don’t feel comfortable with their being armed.

Last week Weer’d Beard, whom I now consider an internet friend, left me a comment including the following: “I’ve never seen an argument or harsh words (even about gun-banning politicians), never seen a fight or an argument, never seen a gun drawn in anger.” He was talking about the several hundred shooting range friends he has. I think upon closer scrutiny, or just using that famous common sense that I like more than statistics, even he would be forced to admit that some percentage of his shooting buddies fall into those categories I mentioned above.

Now, all these people are among the “good guys.” What about the criminals? I believe the proliferation of guns has become so widespread that some small percentage ends up in the hands of the criminals. Houses and cars are broken into. Guns are pawned in tough times and end up who knows where. Teenagers who are going bad have been known to sell off parts of the family arsenal, adding to the swirling black market.

There’s much more.  I just wrote off the top of my head without researching what the “professional” gun control people have to say about it. And let me repeat, I’m not talking about legislation or taking your guns away.  I’m just talking theory not solutions.


July 1, 2008

I’m all for resisting the oppressive government.  I find the argument extremely attractive in which we’re supposed to be armed within the sovereignty of our homes in case the government thugs kick the door in to take us away. I know it’s happened even in recent times.  The other day I read a gun advocate’s description of how the Nazi stormtroopers, if they’d been blown away at the first Jewish door they’d kicked in, would have thought twice about kicking in the second.  The entire holocaust could have been avoided if the Jewish families of 1930s Germany had been properly armed.  In my own generation I grew up with government resistance; it’s in my blood.  But, I’m just not convinced owning a gun is the answer.  Since the Supreme Court made their famous ruling the other day, there’s been a lot written pro and con about guns.  But this article in CNN really put the clincher on it for me. I’ve always had a vague notion that it’s the proliferation of handguns that’s the problem.  Producing legal ones for law-abiding citizens who have to get licenses, feeds the illegal market.  But, now considering that such a high number of suicides results from these legal handguns and that the rate of success in committing suicide by gun is so high, I’m more convinced than ever. Guns are not the solution; guns are the problem. And when we start talking about assault weapons, it’s just a no-brainer.  I say the fewer the better.

Over at A Field Negro, there was a wonderful post just the other day about this.